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List of SEOs worth following on Threads

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

This is a live document, and I will be updating it as more SEOs join Threads.


Several Twitter alternatives have come up since Elon Musk decided to ruin my favourite social media platform. One of the reasons we've not found a clear alternative to Twitter is that we're struggling to find the people we want to follow and whose content we enjoy.

Fortunately, I am motivated and caffeine-fueled, so here is a list of SEO experts worth following on Threads.

The first 10 SEOs to follow on Threads

A first edition of this post was an unstructured list of people and organisations, but as the list grew past 90 members, I thought it would be worth giving everyone a starting-off point.

These are personally my top SEO follows. I would recommend following them in any platform and anytime. These should be your first 10 follows on Threads ⬇️

Some of my favourite SEO experts still have to join the platform, so watch this space for updates!

SEO experts to follow on Threads

Digital PR experts on Threads

SEO agencies, tools and organisations on Threads

Some agencies, event organisers and communities in the SEO industry are joining Threads too. You can find them here ⬇️

Do you want to join the list?

I will be actively seeking out SEOs on Threads to add in here, but you can add your own profile below.

How to join the Threads app

To join Threads, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an Instagram account or create a new one.

  2. Download the Threads app on your phone or tablet.

  3. Set up your account. You'll have the option to follow the people you follow on Instagram and import your bio and picture.

  4. Specify whether you prefer a public or private account.

To be on this list, your account must be public.

How to share your Threads profile

The screenshot shows the Threads profile of Lidia Infante, with a three button menu on the right hand side of the screen activated. The options read "Copy link" and "report". There is a  pink arrow pointing at "Copy link".


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