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Lidia is an experienced SEO speaker featured at top global conferences such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, or WTSFest.


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Understanding TikTok SEO

Understanding TikTok SEO

👋Welcome to Episode 5 of Semrush Academy’s show, Small Business, Big Results, hosted by Brian Dean. Over the course of 10 episodes, Brian will be chatting with a variety of guests who have experience running small businesses or fast-growing start-ups. Throughout the show, we’ll cover a range of topics that are top-of-mind for growing companies, including: key roles to hire, mistakes to avoid, what to outsource, and so much more. 📣 Be sure to follow the series so you don’t miss out on any of the episodes ▶︎ ❗TikTok videos now appear in Google search results ❗ When it comes to searching for restaurants, vacation destinations, or recipe ideas, people are turning to TikTok for answers…and Google has noticed. 🤔What does this mean for your business’s content strategy? 🤔 Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at, weighs in on the future of search and how businesses can make a splash on the popular social media platform, TikTok. She explains why TikTok is so user-friendly when it comes to search queries and how the platform understands user behaviors. ❓Are you using TikTok for your business? What has your experience been like? Drop us a comment below! 👇 ➖ NEXT STEPS: 1️⃣Be sure to watch until the end so you don’t miss out on a single piece of advice about TikTok for small businesses and optimization tactics. 2️⃣Give this video a like so I know you’re getting value from it 3️⃣Subscribe so you’ll get notified of upcoming episodes of Small Business Big Results. ▶︎ *************************************** The opinions of the speakers are his/her own and might not match the opinions of Semrush. ➖ Semrush Academy ▶︎ Subscribe ▶︎ Brian’s Channel ▶︎ ➖ KEEP IN TOUCH! FB: Twitter: LinkedIn: ➖ #smallbusiness #smallbusinesstips #startingabusiness #tiktokoptimization #tiktokalgorithm
[SEO Conference] What Shapes SEO Today & Tomorrow
SE Ranking

[SEO Conference] What Shapes SEO Today & Tomorrow

Sing up for a free trial here SE Ranking invites you to 9 sessions from industry leaders full of actionable insights for your work with search engine optimization. Learn from actual SEO practitioners and experts in digital marketing – people who have really been in the trenches and know the latest and greatest about how to make your online presence work for you, your company, or your clients. 00:00 Intro 5:35 Search Engine Optimization Changes Lives — Sean Si, CEO and Founder at SEO Hacker 29:39 [SEO News] — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing; SEO Jo Blogs Marketing Consultant, Founder of Turn Digi 38:57 [SEO Gap Analysis] A Data-Driven Approach to Winning — Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at 1:08:11 Tackling Enterprise Level SEO Problems — Dan Taylor, Head of Technical SEO at 1:45:15 [SEO News] — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing; SEO Jo Blogs Marketing Consultant, Founder of Turn Digi 1:49:37 How to SEOptimise Content Briefs — Rejoice Ojiaku, Co-Founder & Content Lead for B-DigitalUK 2:22:00 Don’t Fall Behind – Incorporate AI Into Your SEO Strategy Now — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing 2:39:45 Everything You Didn’t Know About Entity SEO — Sara Taher, SEO Manager at Assembly Global 3:18:17 Tracking, Measuring and Improving Core Web Vitals — Sophie Gibson, Technical SEO Director at StudioHawk 3:53:33 Data-Driven Technical SEO Research — Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe 4:23:13 [Expert Q&A] How to Always Be Prepared for Google Updates — Barry Schwartz, President and Owner of RustyBrick, Inc. Stay tuned: SE Ranking ► Facebook ► Twitter ►
Lidia Infante 🤔 What is Headless SEO?
SEO Video Show

Lidia Infante 🤔 What is Headless SEO?

Win cool SEO prizes and get weekly knowledge bomb recaps in your inbox! ▷ SEO Video Show EP126: Lidia Infante - Sr Mgr SEO @ | Headless SEO & Competitor Analysis Competitor identification template & SEO gap analysis template Google documentation updates this week include: A new case study about how Vimeo improved Video SEO at scale for their customers by using the indexifembedded rule combined with noindex and adding structured data. More guidance about what to include in the RSS feed for the Follow feature in Google Discover: the title element and your per item link elements. Updated the Image best practices to clarify that Google parses img elements when indexing images. Also updated the alt text and filenames in the examples to be more descriptive. Income Schools shares their search analysis publicly for the first time; let's see check out what they call the inverted pyramid If you watch the full video, you will see instead of your traditional keyword research tools for the volume; they use Google trend data. Link Building Secrets with Kasra Dash on Craig Campbell's podcast I like this idea of building links to just one topic until ranking, which gets us past this authority wall, and the juice leaks through your other topics. Kasra discusses tiered link building, so definitely check out the full video. Past guests William Jones and Chris Palmer discuss a more risky backlink strategy. Loren Baker and Ann Smarty talk about an interesting way to acquire links on SEJ this past week. Keep your eyes open for these new opportunities. I would start collecting URLs of the top 10 lists in your niche and start using your favorite broken link checker. I like the idea of possibly picking up some valuable domains with a great link profile this way. === Lidia Infante is an SEO consultant and speaker. She has worked in SEO for nearly a decade, helping businesses in SaaS, media, and e-commerce grow online. She has a BSC in Psychology and a Master's in Digital Business. She is a regular speaker at top-tier SEO events such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, UnGagged, and WTSFest. She is a contributing author to the SEO in 2023 book. Please welcome the Senior SEO Manager at Sanity, Lidia Infante. #SEO #SearchEngineOptimization #SEOvideoSHOW Follow us: Chat live: Contact us: Paul Andre "DRE" de Vera web: email: phone: (323) 523-5122
Decoded Headless CMS & SEO
Search Engine Journal

Decoded Headless CMS & SEO

What is headless CMS? Why are more companies looking into it nowadays? Powered by greater flexibility and scalability, it might be the next generation of content management systems. Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at, joined me on the SEJ Show to explain how headless CMS works and how it can be particularly beneficial for ecommerce businesses. I don't have to build every page. I create the content in a core database, a central source of truth. And then, I deploy it following a template.–Lidia Infante, [16:00] I think there's a little bit of a misconception about headless. A lot of people out there, the conversations I'm having with people that are not tech SEOs is they feel that just utilizing a headless means that it's automatically going to be faster, quicker, and a better experience. –Loren Baker, [25:15] For most ecommerce sites, I would recommend going with a headless solution, especially if you're on a direct-to-consumer side with a big brand.–Lidia Infante, [45:09] [00:00] - Lidia’s background. [10:36] - What is headless CMS & how is it helpful? [17:20] - Do you build from scratch in a headless environment? [22:00] - Are headless CMS quicker? [26:00] - SEO optimizations in headless. [31:30] - Other benefits of using a headless CMS system. [36:00] - How well does AI content rank in it? [39:52] - Where does Lidia see headless going in the next four to five years? [44:45] - What kind of business should look into headless CMS? [49:59] - How important is JavaScript? Resources mentioned: - Free boosted Sanity plan for SEJ readers Regarding SEO and other stuff you can do, I think the main pain point that Headless solves is content velocity.–Lidia Infante, [28:00] Headless CMS can guide you a little bit more when it comes to optimizing web performance. Different headless CMSs will help you achieve amazing core web vitals differently.–Lidia Infante, [26:19] B2C brands need to ensure that the experience they provide on their website is not the typical ecommerce experience of title, product, picture, price, and description. It's more similar to the experience they can provide in a shop. –Lidia Infante For more content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel: Are you looking to keep up with current and effective digital marketing today? Check out for everything you need to know within the digital marketing space and improve your skills as an internet marketer. Connect with Lidia Infante: Lidia Infante is a consultant, writer, and speaker who has been working to help businesses grow their reach through SEO in European markets, the US, and Australia. She got her start on the business side of things through psychology, allowing for organic growth strategies that are now driving ecommerce sites' success! As part of her passion for SEO, she enjoys regularly participating in podcasts and webinars in the SEO community. She writes about international strategy, digital business, and women's rights on her website. Connect with Lidia on LinkedIn: Follow her on Twitter: Visit her website: Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal: Follow him on Twitter: Connect with him on LinkedIn:

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