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What is international SEO, really? (an episode of SEO Rant)

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I was recently invited to record an episode of the SEO Rant, with SEO legend and Head of Communications at Semrush Mordy Oberstein.

This is not just another podcast about SEO. The nature of the SEO Rant means that we get derailed constantly.

We talk about international SEO, the Holocaust, doing shots before a speaking event and everything in between.

Mordy even had time to put me on the spot about MUM! Side note: I'm looking forward to learning more about this on Dave Cousin's talk on BrightonSEO about what MUM will mean for international sites.

In sum, here's what we talked about:

  • Information density and its role in SEO

  • How natural language processing has impacted international SEO

  • Why understanding user tendencies is a must when doing international SEO

  • The idiosyncrasies of international SEO: special characters

You can find the episode here and I really recommend you give it a listen:

If you're not a podcast person, Mody has provided a summary of the episode in his website.

For more SEO awesomeness, make sure you follow Mordy and The SEO Rant.


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