• Lidia Infante

How to do keyword research in a language you don't speak

Updated: May 28

These slides were delivered as a talk at BrightonSEO in September 2021.

In this talk, I explain how the human factors of international SEO can make or break your strategy. I share my tried and tested methodology for multilingual keyword research.


I spoke at BrightonSEO, it was amazing

If you're part of the European SEO scene you know that we finally managed to meet in person in Brighton for everyone's favourite conference!

No more staring at screens, we finally got to look at each other's beautiful faces and share some (many) drinks with our industry peers.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to present a talk at BrightonSEO. I was part of the international track of the event, where we covered advanced international SEO techniques for your tech, content and strategy.

There were 400 people in the room, and everyone was buzzing with excitement to be back to an in-person event.

Lidia Infante standing on a stage at BrightonSEO. There is a slide that reads "How to do keyword research in a language you don't speak".

If this is up your street, I've covered the international keyword research methodology in length before, as well as the key strategic factors to succeeding in international SEO.

This talk is available to watch on demand online as part of the BrightonSEO video vault.